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Road Trip Report
Update for 3 May, 2014:

We are focusing on the Englewood Neighborhood of Chicago this week. First we will establish a foundation with the Neighbors in Crisis Project, then move on to all 12 Neighborhoods of Chicago's Southwest Side. We plan to have a magazine, coupons and a developed web site by later in the year.

Update for 30 April 2013:

The focus stays on Chicago for now. I am working and earning money to moove the project forward. I am also meeting with others to help the project to move along. Things are continuing to take shape and progress is coming along nicely.

Update for 15 April 2013:

Here's and exciting Road Trip Update: With a new development in how the Road Trip can plant sustainable seeds in helping others, not just for today and without cost, we're trying it out in the Chicago market. It involves a "1on1" method that solves several problems. Have you been afraid who to give to? Not knowing how they would spend that money? Not knowing if it would really help? Not being able to follow up and see how it helped? Not being ale to really help those in need, how do you distinguish those in need from those that may be taking advantage of the generosity of others? Who can you trust? This system utilizes the experience and knowledge of Community Leaders that run shelters and services for those in crisis. You can trust the people because they work in the trenches. You can browse and select exactly who to help and how much to give. You can also help the shelter directly. The EveryBudi Crisis Registry. Help 1on1.

Update for 7 April 2013:

This week, we are designing and installing the 'Neighbors in Need' project.

Update for 28 March 2013:

The current plan for the Road Trip involves: a) get a vehicle, b) get the cameras and computers, c) Cover Chicago, d) prepare for St. Louis logistics and get funds for travel and other expenses, e) go to St. Louis and build community there.

Update for 21 Feb 2013:

We've posted the new schedule on this home page to help with the frequent requests of where we will be and when. This schedule may have some last minute changes in the middle of March, so check back. Advertisements are still open for $250 for the whole year. Probably the best buy on the web. We're negotiating on the car now and should have one soon. If we can't work it out before we start the trip, we'll start our in a used car and change cars mid-trip. As you will notice, the new depart date is 24 MArch 2013 and the first city is Chicago.
Update for 13 Jan 2013:

Updated financial records. Am speaking with Smart Car about working together. Not sure if I will have to select another car. So far they have been a bit slow in responding.
Advertisements have begun to come which is helping to cover expenses and get the word out.
Participation on a pantry project has begun in a needy part of downtown Chicago.
We are building up information on how to create a sustainable community.
Since the trip starts in chicago on 20 March 2013, we are getting in touch with local press about the project. Please contact us at: if you have any ideas. Thanks 

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